Our Mission

We care about affecting change in the food system, and we care most about the people that make that possible.

Pilotworks is a rapidly scaling company on a mission to change the landscape of the food industry.

We work with individuals possessed of creative culinary ideas and give them the resources needed to move ideas from inception to scaled businesses. Our community-focused and quality-driven culinary incubators deliver an end-to-end suite of solutions to benefit everyone in the food industry: small businesses, wholesale buyers, co-packing partners, production facilities, and potential investors.

Pilotworks participants benefit from affordable commissary and co-working space, tailored mentorship programs and workshops, flexible working hours, and, most importantly, community of supportive culinary professionals looking to achieve the same goal: change the way we think about food.

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What's Happened So Far

Companies Started
Kitchens Operated
New Products
Minority & Women Owned
Jobs Added